Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday all to myself and Friday at the Aquarium~

So yesterday I slept in until 9 a.m. Alright, so technically when you sleep in, your supposed to sleep in until 1 o'clock. I got up, had some breakfast, and then went on my host parents golf cart - with previous permission of course - around the neighborhood. I took tons of pictures of southern style houses and even went to my friend's house. We went around the neighborhood a couple of times and it was really nice because the weather was so nice. Later tonight we're thinking of going out again for a night ride in the golf cart~ I can't wait :) When I got home I started packing up some of my clothes and have been washing the rest. I missed the fun classes at Pinewood but it was nice to sleep in and take the time to pack almost everything up.
Today I went to a wonderful Japanese restaurant near here in West Ashley with a friend who used to live in Toledo. I had the best salad that I have ever had. The sushi was great too but that salad was amazing. We then got some Japanese candy on the way out and it is soooo good.  After that we went to the aquarium and it was really cool. They had sharks and this albino alligator that just stared at us. It was kind of freaky. I even got to pet a sting ray and a blue crab, hold a star fish, and have a sea urchin crawl across my hand. I had a great time and on the way back we talked about how much twilight sucks. A great day overall and a fun last day here~
Coming to South Carolina has been a wonderful experience and I've enjoyed it so much. I had a wonderful time and made some great friends. I'm hoping to come back some day, to visit everyone because I'm going to miss them a lot. I've learned, that while things can seem and be so similar in some ways, other things are entirely different, even when you live in the same country. I'm not sure yet if the grass is greener down here in South Carolina, but I've seen, and gained, an entirely different P.O.V. I'm going to miss this place.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last day of school~ :(

Alright so today was my last day at Pinewood Prep. and I'm extremely sad about it. Before school started I went to get a school t-shirt that they offered for me. I got a sweat-shirt because while it's 80 degree weather down here I'm sure that the minute I get back to Toledo it's going to be freezing~ First period Art we were all sad to say goodbye to each other. Then when I went to the teacher cadet program I was extremely sad when the kids started saying goodbye to me. Some of them even came up to hug me and say that they'd miss me. I took a picture of all of them in front of the boat in the classroom. In third period Music Tech. Class pretty much went on as usual except that the teacher helped me to learn some of the keys on the piano. Fourth Period in Government my friend Danni gave me a necklace and some chocolates. It was so nice and sweet! The teacher who usually acts extremely tough said goodbye. Which was really sweet of her. Chemistry class pretty much went on as normal. During lunch I went to one of the offices to pay off my lunch money. Ap Human Geography was extremely cool today. A person from the local GIS came in to talk to us. He helped us set up an account to make maps on the internet. Then when the class was over the teacher came up to me and gave me a present and a hug. It was extremely kind of him. I opened it in my next period class - because the bell had already rung - and found a bag of original South Carolina grits. It was even wrapped in map wrapping. So kind!!! Last class of the day was art. I packed up most of my art projects into a folder and even did another painting. IT's really just a bunch of swirls but I guess I could call it a picture of abstract grapes. At the end of the class the teacher came up and gave me a hug and said to keep in touch. She really is a very kind teacher. In my opinion she's been one of my best teachers. A lot of the students came up to me to say goodbye and some of them even wrote their names down so I could look them up on Facebook. I said goodbye to Mrs. Girgan and she gave me a CD with a video of my interview on the Morning Show - the schools newspaper in a way. Overall when I packed up everything in the car to go home I was extremely sad to be saying goodbye to everyone. I'm really going to miss Pinewood Prep. and this experience has been a one in a million.
P.S. In the next two days I'll be going to the Charleston Aquarium and going out to eat at some of the local restaurants. Right now it's extremely hot and there's a tornado watch for the area. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a warning and hopefully it gets cooler!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Third week :)

So today's Tuesday and I'm really enjoying things herel. I'm so sad that tomorrow is going to be my last day going to school. I just love my two Art classes. AP Art is so fun because the teacher is really relaxed about what we do. It's not like we have to draw certain things or that we actually have to draw. We're allowed to paint, draw, use oils, and even clay if we want. The teacher is really big on being creative in the class and going along with our own inspiration, not just what she tells us. The other art class is super fun too because she let's me continue on my work from my first period - AP Art. She even asked for my email so she could email me art projects to do in my free time. Today I just started a painting that I hope I finish before I leave.
The teacher cadet program is also fun because the kids are just wonderful. I've been sitting in on my host mother's classroom which is a third grade classroom. I answer the kids questions and help her organize her papers for handing out. It really gives a classroom experience.
Government, Music Tech, and AP Human Geography are also all fun. I love learning about how the government works and about some of the laws. The teacher also talks about some of the news that she hears on the television. It's nice to talk about what's happening out in the real world at the same time. I'd really love to continue taking it if Maumee Valley has it. Music Tech is great because we started a whole new song to learn. I took some time but on the quiz that we took I got a 99%. It isn't bad though considering that I just started the guitar from scratch! We've started working on duet songs. AP Human Geography has really picked up since we've started talking about culture and religion. I really enjoy learning about the other areas of the world and people's different beliefs.
Oh! And I almost forgot to mention about how the weekend went. A friend from school and I went to downtown Charleston.We stopped by the piers and got to see the pineapple fountain. It's a really cool fountain that I saw some of the newscasters standing in front of when I was watching the news.. After that we went to the market which was really fun. I got some more souvenirs and a couple of scarves for myself. Then after getting lost for about half an hour we finally found King St. It's a street fuuuullll of shops and that day - being the 2nd Sunday of the month - the street was closed to cars. So there were people walking on the streets with their dogs and some of the restaurants set up tables outside. Eventually we stopped and had some beef hot-dogs. They were amazing and the guy told us that they were voted to have the best hot-dogs in Charleston three years in a row. After that we had a 30 minute run around the King St. Game where we tried to find the car. Eventually we did and just in time to make it to Boone Hall Plantation. We walked around the plantation and took tons of pictures. It was extremely beautiful!
Oh and I forgot to mention that on Saturday we went to the local Boeing plant. It's a factory where airplanes are made. Not just anybody can get in on a regular bases but that day it was open to volunteers and factory workers and their families. We volunteered but then got to go around some of the plant and it was HUGE! For being an airplane factory though it was extremely nice inside and out. Inside the beams on the ceiling were different colors so it fave this really nice feel to the entire place. A lot of the inside was made of class like MV is and it was really nice.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The End of another week~

So it's Friday again! Today I went to Perfectly Frank's - a hot-dog restaurant - and had a peanut nut butter, honey, bacon, and banana hot dog - called a Frankie Elvis. It really wasn't that good but I had a bite of a different hot-dog that was a hot-dog with macaroni and cheese. That was really good! I wish I would've gotten that instead of the one I did :) Apparently this restaurant was visited by that guy who does Dinners, Drive-ins and Drives. Which is really cool.
For school we're learning two new guitar songs for the guitar. And while learning the new songs we're doing a duet at the same time which is pretty cool. I changed my creative writing class to a second art class. I'm a little sad that this is going to be my last week here in South Carolina~
Tomorrow we won't be doing very much but Sunday me and a friend are going to one of the local plantations. Afterwords we'll be going to downtown Charleston to visit and shop a little. I can't wait~

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I FINALLY finished the painting in art :)

So I finally finished that painting. I took a picture.....but that was before I added the eyebrows lol :) I don't love the painting but I don't not like it. So I'll put up the picture with the eyebrows tomorrow. I just starting drawing figures and I'm really excited about it. I really like drawing figures and I especially like it because I'm partial to using pencils instead of paint or chalk or charcoal. :) Today we had a veteran come and talk to us about his experience in the air force. It was a pretty cool presentation. I really enjoyed doing my sit-in - the teacher cadet program - with my host mother's classroom. The kids are just so cute. I'm thinking of going in there during my creative writing class as well. Creative writing is nice but during the class period we don't do anything. The teacher assigned a project that's due after I'm gone and every single day the students work on it until it's due. So there really is no point on me being there during the class. Anyway off to bed until tomorrow :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Passed an AP test!!!....well almost :)

So it's Tuesday and I almost forgot to blog! I was just about to go to bed when I remembered to put up a new post~ So I know I keep saying this but I'm practically finished with that paint! Finally I know I think the picture will be tomorrow~ I shadowed my host mother during my second period today and I must say that her kids are wonderful. She teaches second grade and the kids are soo cute :) I loved helping them out with their math problems when they asked. I took a Government test today. It was extremely easy for being a senior class and I got a 97% on the test. I really want to know what I missed though because when I went to hand it in I was almost sure that I had gotten a hundred. I later had to take an AP test in Human Geography. Most of the answers that I put was just guess work and the rest was me trying to remember what the teacher had said during the days that I was there. I got a 60%....well after the teacher let me change one of my answers :) I had a 29 out of 50 when I first graded my test. I was joking around and really wanted to at least get a pass on the test. So the teacher let me change one of my answer from 'many' to 4,000. So I guess you could say I passed the AP test if you don't count that small change :)

The rest of the day was great. This week is definitively better than the last one because I feel like I'm making a lot more friends. I was even interviewed today for the schools morning news. I was so nervous that I started rambling about seeing dolphins in Charleston!!! Lol I'm extremely anxious as to when it'll show. I'll try and see if I can upload a copy of my part to this blog. Well other than that the day really wasn't eventful. I'm planning on either inviting a friend to the movies for Friday or going to the Plantations near here. Then this Saturday I'm planning at working for fun at a catering. It should be fun to compare working here in South Carolina to in Ohio!~ Well I'm off to bed like I was going to do before I remember to blog :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wonderful weekend and its Monday again~

So I had a wonderful weekend. My host family and I went to downtown Charleston. I saw the rainbow houses and I even got to see a couple of dolphins!!! I swear it was extremely beautiful just to see them swimming and popping there heads up out of the water. The sun was shinning and there was a light breeze over everything so that right when you'd start to get just a little too hot it blow across your face. We all also went to the market where I bought one souvenir for my friend who collects them. Other than that though it was just nice walking down the market and looking at all of the things for sale. We might be able to stop by there again so I might get something for me next time. The sweet grass baskets were beautiful however they were a little too expensive for me. A small basket was about $40 and the regular sized ones were $200. This weekend I'll be able to go to one of the plantations. I'll post some pictures up later :)

Other than that it's Monday again! I have two or three tests tomorrow and I'll be finishing my painting. I have some projects to work on too so I'm pretty busy~