Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday all to myself and Friday at the Aquarium~

So yesterday I slept in until 9 a.m. Alright, so technically when you sleep in, your supposed to sleep in until 1 o'clock. I got up, had some breakfast, and then went on my host parents golf cart - with previous permission of course - around the neighborhood. I took tons of pictures of southern style houses and even went to my friend's house. We went around the neighborhood a couple of times and it was really nice because the weather was so nice. Later tonight we're thinking of going out again for a night ride in the golf cart~ I can't wait :) When I got home I started packing up some of my clothes and have been washing the rest. I missed the fun classes at Pinewood but it was nice to sleep in and take the time to pack almost everything up.
Today I went to a wonderful Japanese restaurant near here in West Ashley with a friend who used to live in Toledo. I had the best salad that I have ever had. The sushi was great too but that salad was amazing. We then got some Japanese candy on the way out and it is soooo good.  After that we went to the aquarium and it was really cool. They had sharks and this albino alligator that just stared at us. It was kind of freaky. I even got to pet a sting ray and a blue crab, hold a star fish, and have a sea urchin crawl across my hand. I had a great time and on the way back we talked about how much twilight sucks. A great day overall and a fun last day here~
Coming to South Carolina has been a wonderful experience and I've enjoyed it so much. I had a wonderful time and made some great friends. I'm hoping to come back some day, to visit everyone because I'm going to miss them a lot. I've learned, that while things can seem and be so similar in some ways, other things are entirely different, even when you live in the same country. I'm not sure yet if the grass is greener down here in South Carolina, but I've seen, and gained, an entirely different P.O.V. I'm going to miss this place.

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