Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Second day blog that mysterious reappeared :)

So first of all I had written this blog yesterday yet when I went to publish it I couldn't find it and didn't have enough time to rewrite it. Today when I went to write my new blog I found it! well here it is:

Today's the second day in South Carolina! I just got back from school and thought I would write this blog up while i still had some time. Tonight's going to be a busy night because it's Halloween. And Halloween is a BIG thing around here or at least in the household! The family is having a huge Halloween candy give away and hopefully it won't get too cold tonight because we'll be sitting outside.

The whole day start off really well with me waking up at 7am. Madison drove us to school and we just ran around for a little bit because it was a big day for the school. They were having a Halloween parade consisting of the juniors and seniors and the preschoolers. It was extremely cute because the preschoolers looked adorable in their costumes!! The cutest one I have to say was this little girl dressed up like an Egyptian Princess. Even with all this great excitement though I think it would have been better for me to start out on a more normal/regular day for my first day. Mrs. Girgan has been a wonderful help in getting my schedule organized and arranged for me. This is what it looks like so far:

Period 1: Art - something I'm really excited about since I haven't taken the class in over 2 years.
Period 2: Algebra 2
Period 3: Music Tech
Period 4: Government
Period 5: Chemistry
Period 6: AP Human Geography - something else I'm looking forward to after having met with the teacher
Period 7: Creative writing

I did get confused when the office worker showed me around. I expected some kind of map of the school for me to be able to look at but unfortunately did not get one. Hopefully I'll be able to get used to it rather soon.  One major difference between Pinewood and Maumee Valley is the bell! I know it's probably nothing big but after becoming accustomed to no bell at our school and to suddenly go back to it is a huge shock. I practically jumped a foot in the air when the first one went off!! The classes are also a whole lot bigger! They're about the size of what my old school was so it's nice to go back to that for a little while.

Now the school did give me some sort of debit/credit card to pay for my food. I don't know how much money's on the card or if I'll have to pay for it later though. They just kind of took my picture and then handed me a card without saying anything about it. Other than that though I can't wait for another day in South Carolina!

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