Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today's day four!!! Because it's a Wednesday though the whole school dressed up which was pretty fun. Nobody else likes it anymore though because they have had to do it for over 4 years for almost every single Wednesday.....I can see how that could get annoying. I didn't blog for yesterday because while I had written it done on Microsoft word I never had the time to post it up and by the time I came home it was already too late. Last night Madison and her friends took me to the South Carolina Coastal Fair! I had a really fun time! I tried for the very first time fried Oreos, fried pickles, a caramel apple and some homemade lemonade! It probably wasn't the best mix and if my mom ever hears that I ate all of that she's going to freak so....shhhhhhh :) We went on a couple of rides first and then went to a country music concert. It was okay but I'm not much of a country music fan and if I do listen to country music it's usually Brazilian.

Anyway since I didn't blog yesterday no one knows about how schools going!! All of the classes are going fantastically!! In AP Art even if it's more advanced the teacher has me going at my own pace. She has me doing a monogram - which is painting on a glass and then pressing paper on top for the image to go the the paper. I just finished painting a face outline and printed it on a piece of paper. Tomorrow I'll hopefully be able to make it look better with the pastels. Our Algebra 2 class at Maumee Valley is extremely ahead of the class so I'm thinking about asking if I can switch out of that class. Music technology is fantastic! At the beginning of the year the class had learned how to play the guitar and now are in the middle of a project. Since they're doing that the teacher said it would be fine to teach me how to play the guitar!! Today was my first lesson and I can just barely play the notes for The Secret Agent Man. It's slow and painful - my fingers hurt after having to press down on the strings - but I think it's definitively worth it!

Government class is pretty great - I have a wacky teacher that roams around the classroom, waving her hands, and trying to get her point across. :) I'm super glad that I took the class because so far I'm learning a lot of what I wanted to about the government.....that was redundant but I'm sure you get my point :)
Chemistry is pretty nice - the class was very welcoming and fun! The class is a little more ahead than what I've learned so far but I've gotten the jest of everything. AP Geography is fun in a certain, I'm learning and actually liking it sort of way :) The other day was the count down to 7 billion people in the world! Can you believe it 7 BILLION people live on this globe like planet that we live on! I feel so tiny and minuscule now that I think about it~  Creative writing is another class that I'm really enjoying because so far we've been free to do whatever we want... Well in a way. See during class we're allowed to just sit there as long as we know that we have two projects coming up :) Yay! So far just in that class I have to write up two creative writings for the 16th - like a short story or a poem - and write a short story that is completely separate for Friday.

Now most of the excitements passed in the last two days but I've been told numerous times that I'm missing out on the best of foods. While I've had sweet tea I still have a lot to try and I'm hoping that I'll get some of that tonight because we'll be having home-cooked dinner tonight - or at least I think so :) So until tomorrow then or later tonight when I tell you about how good the food was!

But wait! I forgot to tell you guys why I titled this blog the way I did! So I told you guys - or at least I think I did :) - that pineapples are a sign of welcome in the south. Well this house that I'm staying at has tooooons of pineapples all around it! I've made it my job to go around, look, and possible even take pictures of all the pineapple objects that are around the house. I might even post up some of them if I have time later on!

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