Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Passed an AP test!!!....well almost :)

So it's Tuesday and I almost forgot to blog! I was just about to go to bed when I remembered to put up a new post~ So I know I keep saying this but I'm practically finished with that paint! Finally I know I think the picture will be tomorrow~ I shadowed my host mother during my second period today and I must say that her kids are wonderful. She teaches second grade and the kids are soo cute :) I loved helping them out with their math problems when they asked. I took a Government test today. It was extremely easy for being a senior class and I got a 97% on the test. I really want to know what I missed though because when I went to hand it in I was almost sure that I had gotten a hundred. I later had to take an AP test in Human Geography. Most of the answers that I put was just guess work and the rest was me trying to remember what the teacher had said during the days that I was there. I got a 60%....well after the teacher let me change one of my answers :) I had a 29 out of 50 when I first graded my test. I was joking around and really wanted to at least get a pass on the test. So the teacher let me change one of my answer from 'many' to 4,000. So I guess you could say I passed the AP test if you don't count that small change :)

The rest of the day was great. This week is definitively better than the last one because I feel like I'm making a lot more friends. I was even interviewed today for the schools morning news. I was so nervous that I started rambling about seeing dolphins in Charleston!!! Lol I'm extremely anxious as to when it'll show. I'll try and see if I can upload a copy of my part to this blog. Well other than that the day really wasn't eventful. I'm planning on either inviting a friend to the movies for Friday or going to the Plantations near here. Then this Saturday I'm planning at working for fun at a catering. It should be fun to compare working here in South Carolina to in Ohio!~ Well I'm off to bed like I was going to do before I remember to blog :)

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