Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last day of school~ :(

Alright so today was my last day at Pinewood Prep. and I'm extremely sad about it. Before school started I went to get a school t-shirt that they offered for me. I got a sweat-shirt because while it's 80 degree weather down here I'm sure that the minute I get back to Toledo it's going to be freezing~ First period Art we were all sad to say goodbye to each other. Then when I went to the teacher cadet program I was extremely sad when the kids started saying goodbye to me. Some of them even came up to hug me and say that they'd miss me. I took a picture of all of them in front of the boat in the classroom. In third period Music Tech. Class pretty much went on as usual except that the teacher helped me to learn some of the keys on the piano. Fourth Period in Government my friend Danni gave me a necklace and some chocolates. It was so nice and sweet! The teacher who usually acts extremely tough said goodbye. Which was really sweet of her. Chemistry class pretty much went on as normal. During lunch I went to one of the offices to pay off my lunch money. Ap Human Geography was extremely cool today. A person from the local GIS came in to talk to us. He helped us set up an account to make maps on the internet. Then when the class was over the teacher came up to me and gave me a present and a hug. It was extremely kind of him. I opened it in my next period class - because the bell had already rung - and found a bag of original South Carolina grits. It was even wrapped in map wrapping. So kind!!! Last class of the day was art. I packed up most of my art projects into a folder and even did another painting. IT's really just a bunch of swirls but I guess I could call it a picture of abstract grapes. At the end of the class the teacher came up and gave me a hug and said to keep in touch. She really is a very kind teacher. In my opinion she's been one of my best teachers. A lot of the students came up to me to say goodbye and some of them even wrote their names down so I could look them up on Facebook. I said goodbye to Mrs. Girgan and she gave me a CD with a video of my interview on the Morning Show - the schools newspaper in a way. Overall when I packed up everything in the car to go home I was extremely sad to be saying goodbye to everyone. I'm really going to miss Pinewood Prep. and this experience has been a one in a million.
P.S. In the next two days I'll be going to the Charleston Aquarium and going out to eat at some of the local restaurants. Right now it's extremely hot and there's a tornado watch for the area. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a warning and hopefully it gets cooler!!

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