Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I FINALLY finished the painting in art :)

So I finally finished that painting. I took a picture.....but that was before I added the eyebrows lol :) I don't love the painting but I don't not like it. So I'll put up the picture with the eyebrows tomorrow. I just starting drawing figures and I'm really excited about it. I really like drawing figures and I especially like it because I'm partial to using pencils instead of paint or chalk or charcoal. :) Today we had a veteran come and talk to us about his experience in the air force. It was a pretty cool presentation. I really enjoyed doing my sit-in - the teacher cadet program - with my host mother's classroom. The kids are just so cute. I'm thinking of going in there during my creative writing class as well. Creative writing is nice but during the class period we don't do anything. The teacher assigned a project that's due after I'm gone and every single day the students work on it until it's due. So there really is no point on me being there during the class. Anyway off to bed until tomorrow :)

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