Friday, November 11, 2011

The End of another week~

So it's Friday again! Today I went to Perfectly Frank's - a hot-dog restaurant - and had a peanut nut butter, honey, bacon, and banana hot dog - called a Frankie Elvis. It really wasn't that good but I had a bite of a different hot-dog that was a hot-dog with macaroni and cheese. That was really good! I wish I would've gotten that instead of the one I did :) Apparently this restaurant was visited by that guy who does Dinners, Drive-ins and Drives. Which is really cool.
For school we're learning two new guitar songs for the guitar. And while learning the new songs we're doing a duet at the same time which is pretty cool. I changed my creative writing class to a second art class. I'm a little sad that this is going to be my last week here in South Carolina~
Tomorrow we won't be doing very much but Sunday me and a friend are going to one of the local plantations. Afterwords we'll be going to downtown Charleston to visit and shop a little. I can't wait~

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