Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day.....What day is it???

So today's day unknown! I don't remember how many days have passed~ Anyway about yesterdays food. It was great and I loved it. I also learned that my host father was a professional chef - Which is GREAT news! I'm looking forward to the fried shrimp and creamy grits that he said he would make for me~ The sweet tea that I had last night was sweeter than the last time I had some. The first time was fine but last nights sweet tea was a little mouth cringing. Art was great today and the teacher really helped me in defining the face of the girl - the teachers daughter - I'm drawing. She did tell me though that I need to loosen up a bit more and stop thinking about the lines that I'm making. Which is hard for me since whenever I've drawn my teachers have always asked to make nice perfect lines and TO worry about detail. I'm really glad that she's trying to break me out of that line of thought when it comes to art. So tomorrow hopefully I'll be able to really make my drawing/painting look a lot more like I let loose and just drew what I wanted.

As for Algebra 2 I got out of that class and sat in on a AP U.S. History class. It wasn't at all what I thought it would be since the teacher barely interacted with the students, like Mr. Ghram does. So it was extremely boring and while I caught everything that the teacher said, the class itself really wasn't working any magic on me. So I talked to Mrs. Girgan about trying the teacher cadet program. I had asked about it before I was in South Carolina and she'd said that they weren't doing it this year. Mrs. Girgan mentioned however, that I might be able to try it out if I was interested since she might be able to talk the teacher who does it, into letting me sit in on her classes. So during break, when I asked Mrs. Girgan, she said she'd talk to the teacher. When I went back to see if she'd gotten any news about it at lunch, the teacher had said yes!!! So tomorrow morning, I'll sit in on the 7th grade English class! I'm extremely excited about it~

Oh! I never really explained how the classes go here in Summerville. First when you get to school you go to an adviser to check in. You stay there for about 20 minutes and then you go to the first two periods of the day. After that the entire school has a break. The break is for the high school only and you go into the cafeteria and eat whatever you want. Most of the people just eat a snack but I've seen a couple of people who eat a full out breakfast meal. The break lasts for about 20 minutes and afterwords everyone goes back to classes. After 5th period the school has lunch and then you go back for the rest of the classes. It's nice in a way that you have a lot of breaks but personally I think they have too many breaks. I have a friend and she has two study halls on top of the break. I'd think that you'd have too much time to do whatever you'd want and not enough time for school.

Tonight I had some more sweet tea and I think I might be getting addicted to the stuff. I can't seem to stop drinking it! Hopefully I'll be able to take some with me back home because I don't think I'll be able to stop cold turkey :) This weekend the family is trying to make some time for us to go to downtown Charleston. I've heard of a famous pineapple fountain and I'm super excited to go and see it. Oh and I should definitively tell you guys about my guitar lessons!!! So the other day I told you that I was learning the parts to the song secret agent man. Today I really just practiced the song but since I'm not used to pressing down on the strings as hard as I have to, my fingers hurt a ton. The strings left impressions for the rest of the day and my fingers have been red ever since then! Well until tomorrow!

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