Sunday, October 30, 2011

First day in South Carolina!!!

So today was an overall busy day but it was definitely worth it! The beginning of the day was a huge rush to get to the airport and to make sure I got my bags checked in. I woke up late this morning and there was a lot of fog on the way to the airport-We could barely see two cars ahead at a time! When we finally got there I had to check everything in and then run to the gate to make sure I was checked in on time - Just as I got there they had started boarding in passengers! But even if it was a little hectic at first, it quickly slowed down afterwords. I even got some sleep on the second plane! Thank goodness otherwise I'd be dead on my feet by now - its 10 pm. When I first got here Mrs. Girgan picked me up from the airport since my host family was out of town at the time. We quickly got all of my stuff into the truck and went to the local mall. I bought a hat for myself because tomorrows apparently a day that people wear hats, for a dollar that's then given to a charity. We had a little ice cream after that, and went to a couple more stores before going to Mrs. Girgans home. It was an extremely cozy place and I loved visiting. I was able to feed a couple of chickens some bread from my hand. At first I was a little nervous that they might accidentally peck at my hand but it was an amazing experience. We all settled down a little bit after that and watched some tv. At around 6pm we went out to eat at this place I think it was called Pizziris and I had some of my very first sweet tea. It was great!!! Then I had some of the best clam soup I have ever had. Mrs. Girgan told me those were only some of the southern specialties that I was going to try. I'm going to have to remember to visit the Piggly Wiggly. After that we learned that my host family had finally come back so we headed on towards there house. We rang the door bell and I noticed that it was a pineapple and Mrs. Girgan told me that it was a sign of welcome in the south! Pineapples!  After that I quickly got settled in and said goodbye to Mrs. Girgan and her daughter - she was with us for most of the time. I still haven't met madison - my host sister - since she's still out for volleyball. I'll be able to meet her tomorrow morning when we go to the school. For now though I'll be going to bed to get some much needed sleep :)